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A quiet survival adventure in an alien ocean. · By moebial


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AQUAMARINE is now on Steam!
The title says it all there, doesn't it? It's so exciting to have an official presence on the biggest PC gaming store, and we'll be keeping it updated with new...
AQUAMARINE now has Slacker Backer rewards!
Since Aquamarine 's Kickstarter ended two weeks ago, we've been trying to decide the best way to let belated backers show their support for our game's developme...
Aquamarine Kickstarter Demo v0.4.3 Patch Notes
A handful of bugs and other issues have been addressed in this latest build of Aquamarine 's Kickstarter demo. See the list of most important fixes below. A bug...
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Watch our developer walkthrough for AQUAMARINE's Kickstarter demo ๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ’ฌ๐Ÿ‘€
For about 40 minutes, Aquamarine 's director and lead designer plays through the Kickstarter demo, narrating it all with behind-the-scenes commentary, tips, tri...
Linux & Mac demos are back! + Updates
Well, it took a fair amount of testing and lots of trial & error, but we've got some reliably working builds of Aquamarine to run on Mac and Linux. Major thanks...
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Aquamarine Kickstarter Demo v0.4.2 Patch Notes
After some extensive testing from our community and many hours of bug hunting, we've got a much more stable and smooth-running build for Aquamarine 's Kickstart...
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Aquamarine Kickstarter Demo v0.4.1 Patch Notes
Dropping a short post here to let everyone know we've updated Aquamarine 's Kickstarter Demo to address a few reported bugs, optimization issues, and other upda...
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AQUAMARINE's Kickstarter Demo is live!
Aquamarine has entered the last 12 days of its Kickstarter campaign, and we're happy to finally announce that our pre-alpha demo is now available to download f...
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