Aquamarine: Explorer's Edition is finally here!

Hey friends!

Long time no post. Thankfully, we've got a real good one for you... Team Moebial is thrilled to announce that Aquamarine: Explorer's Edition has finally arrived!

We've spent the better part of 2022 working on this game-changing update for all the players that have stuck with us from the beginning and for those who haven't yet discovered our hand-drawn alien ocean. Since the game first released, you've all given us a lot feedback, reported a ton of bugs, and shared some amazing suggestions and requests, and we've been listening and taking notes the whole time. Aquamarine: Explorer's Edition is the result of that process.

We like to think of this as Aquamarine v2.0: We took all of your favorite parts from the game and made them better, improved the aspects that were lacking, and also added in a ton of new features and accessibility options that we've wanted to have from the start.

Here's a handful of the updates crammed into this new version:

  • Overall difficulty has been refined and balanced for multiple game modes, including NORMAL, RELAXED, EXPLORE, and EXPERT
  • New game mode EXPLORE introduces the option to safely experience the world & story without consequences
  • New game mode EXPERT introduces a "hardcore" difficulty option for those looking for a serious test of their survival skills and knowledge of the planet's ecosystem
  • A brand-new save system has been added, giving players three individual save slots to load and reset as they wish
  • Multiple accessibility options have been added, including an optional tool-tip system that explains the functions of each of control
  • New environment art and creature animations have been added to each exploration area
  • Localization has been added in English, French, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), and Thai
  • Full gamepad support has been added
  • Plus tons of bug fixes, polish updates, performance optimizations, and much more...

And here's a list of a few accessibility features and options now in Aquamarine:

  • All game controls are accessible on screen during gameplay
  • Playable entirely via mouse or gamepad
  • Extensive, replayable tutorial w/ option to repeat instructions
  • Visual indicator for interactable objects
  • Tool-tips for in-game controls
  • HUD size options
  • Multiple difficulty options, including a "story mode" that removes death and enemy damage
  • Supports windowed mode
  • Particle amount options
  • Screen shake toggle
  • Grid shape toggle
  • Cursor speed controls for gamepad
  • Music & sound FX volume controls
  • All options settings carry over between saves
  • Distinct sound & music cues for objects and events
  • Controls & UI elements are large and well spaced out
  • No information is conveyed only through color

That just about covers everything. We're so thrilled for you to dive into this new version of Aquamarine, and we really hope you enjoy what we've done.

- Team Moebial


Aquamarine: Explorer's Edition v2.0.0 629 MB
9 days ago
Aquamarine: Explorer's Edition v2.0.0 634 MB
9 days ago
Aquamarine: Explorer's Edition v2.0.0 995 MB
9 days ago

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