v1.0.8.4 Quick Fix Patch Notes

With Aquamarine's first ever sale now underway, we've made a small number of fixes and updates to make sure everyone's experience is the best it can be.

A few lingering bugs that have shown up for some players have been addressed, and one mechanical system in particular has been revamped. Details below.

v1.0.8.4 Quick Fix Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug causing clouds to not spawn and animate properly in the first area
  • Fixed a bug causing a softlock after selecting the length of time for camping
  • Revamped the creature corpse system, corpses now remain in their original state until dark
  • Revamped the day/night cycle color transitions in the exploration areas
  • Revamped mechanics and graphics for the pod scanning system

Keep an eye out for gamepad support in the near future!

- Team Moebial


Aquamarine v1.0.8.4 655 MB
Mar 17, 2022
Aquamarine v1.0.8.4 561 MB
Mar 17, 2022
Aquamarine v1.0.8.4 610 MB
Mar 17, 2022

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