Aquamarine v1.0.8 Patch Notes

EDIT: A quick fix was made for a bug causing some items on the map to spawn in the wrong place, as well as a couple of visual bugs.

Aquamarine's latest patch focuses largely on visual and performance optimizations, along with some changes to the tutorial and overall bug fixes. Full list of patch notes below.

v1.0.8 Patch Notes

  • Added functionality to tutorial, allowing the pod to repeat its previous instructions when needed
  • Added ability to use a late game pod upgrade on the final puzzle of the last area
  • Balanced item spawning in certain map sections of the first area
  • Fixed a bug causing softlocks when exiting and reloading the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug causing inconsistent mouse cursor changes during the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug causing the pod scanner to not properly activate or remain persistent across dives
  • Fixed a bug causing some creatures to move onto occupied spaces
  • Fixed a bug causing the pod map menu to not update properly with a certain rare item
  • Fixed a number of visual bugs & inconsistencies
  • Made a number of visual & performance optimizations

As always, there's much more packed into this update, but those are the main bullet points. More coming soon!

- Team Moebial


Aquamarine v1.0.8 652 MB
Mar 12, 2022
Aquamarine v1.0.8 558 MB
Mar 12, 2022
Aquamarine v1.0.8 608 MB
Mar 12, 2022

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