Aquamarine dev update: Team changes, crowdfunding, and more

Happy new year, everyone!

Yes, we're a bit late, but we wanted to wait to share an update until we had some real news on Aquamarine's development. And now we do. :)

First off: Months after releasing our pre-alpha demo, the fine folks at PC Gamer gave Aquamarine a full-page feature in their February/March issues. We couldn't be more thrilled! Our favorite line: "What I have seen so far is eye-catching, and I keep finding myself returning to see if I can find a way to deeper waters." Check out the full article here.

We also have some sad news. Our lead artist Tonje Thilesen has decided to part ways with Moebial to focus fully on her work as a photographer. Though it pains us to lose the person behind Aquamarine's beautiful art, we're also excited to bring in new talent with inventive ideas. We're already talking to multiple artists about potential collaboration, and hope to announce their names shortly.

Lastly: CROWDFUNDING! We learned quite a lot from last year's Kickstarter, both what we did right and what we did wrong. As well as what we'd like to try differently and see what happens! So, we've decided it's about time for another crowdfunding campaign. We've also decided it's worth looking into options outside of Kickstarter, such as those that offer the kind of flexibility we could benefit from. Our team is passionate and resourceful, and we'll work to make Aquamarine the best it can be regardless of funding goals. As of now, our plan is to launch the next campaign in late-spring, along with a newly revamped demo.

In the meantime, Moebial's director and lead designer Patric Fallon just started a Patreon for his solo game development. Members are invited to take part in what he calls "cooperative game design", and he'll also be sharing exclusive updates and early previews of Aquamarine as the project continues moving forward. Learn more about how he's using the platform here.

That's all from us!

- Team Moebial

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