Join Aquamarine's upcoming open beta!

Starting today, we’re excited to announce our open recruitment of PLAYTESTERS for Aquamarine!

Survival is made serene in Aquamarine, and this open beta testing period is a great opportunity for you to get a taste of the game's unique ambience and contemplative tone. Join us on an adventure to...

  • Journey through an unknown planet
  • Scour the ocean and collect supplies to power your escape pod
  • Study and explore three living ecosystems
  • Discover the lost history of an alien water world
  • Survive by scavenging resources and cultivating unique plants
  • and more!

Everyone who completes the sign-up form and joins our Discord will receive access to the playtest!

Sign up to playtest today!

Discord is our home base for this playtest. So join ASAP to receive your role and access instructions when the beta goes live December 9. Link also provided in the Google form:

If you have any questions about the playtest or game, feel free to hop in our Discord, or ask in the comments below. Your feedback and participation in this playtest will greatly help us bring the vision and experience of Aquamarine to life. We can’t thank you enough.

See you in the water soon!


- Team Moebial

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