AQUAMARINE is nearly finished! Who wants to help playtest? ๐Ÿ

Hey friends!

Been a long time, hasn't it? Team Moebial has been so deep in the development zone that it's hard to do pretty much anything else. But we've been SUPER busy, which means we've got new stuff to share with you all. Check out our new teaser trailer to see a bunch of the latest updates. It also means we are extremely close to actually releasing this game. Can you believe it?!

As we ramp up to our release date this Fall (can't tell you exactly when just yet), we are playtesting the living crap out of Aquamarine. So if you'd like to help us squash bugs, fine tune game mechanics, and give us helpful feedback, then join our playtest crew on Steam. Once you click "Request Access", we'll approve your request ASAP.

Hope to see you all there! More soon...

- Team Moebial

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