Play AQUAMARINE's new pre-alpha demo this weekend!

We've been a bit quiet these past few months, working hard on developing Aquamarine while also revamping our pre-alpha demo. It's been tough, but also so rewarding to see our little sci-fi survival adventure really start to take shape. And now we're finally ready to show off some of our progress!

Aquamarine's latest pre-alpha demo features a slew of updates, including...

  • new environmental mechanics
  • new exploration mechanics, including fast travel
  • reworked UI design
  • story events
  • additional items
  • quality of life changes

We won't bother listing everything here since you can just download the demo and see for yourself. Suffice it to say that this latest build is a bit closer to our idea of what the final game will look like. Be sure to download it this weekend while you can!


- Team Moebial


Aquamarine Pre-Alpha Demo (Windows 64-bit) 357 MB
Sep 18, 2020
Aquamarine Pre-Alpha Demo (Windows 32-bit) 354 MB
Sep 18, 2020

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Gameplay from the OLD demo.
So I err played this in February and only just eer edited it WHOOPS!
Congrats on the new demo though! If you're new here maybe you can see how far they've come. I might be back with a new video sometime of me trying out the new demo too!


I realised it is no longer available for download... AH WELL. Still keeping my eye on this one and instead perhaps I shall play the full game after release 

What a cool video, and thanks so much for checking out our demo! Yeah, that one is super old and has a bunch of problems. Sorry about that. But thanks for pushing through, and please do check back in when we have another free demo weekend :)

I will be checking back for sure!

hi lucy have you heard anything from flatten 

I guess there is only a Windows build?

Yep, for these early demos that's the only platform we can test quickly and efficiently. Sorry about that! Next time around we'll make sure to include Mac and Linux as well. :)


I understand, guess I'll just keep things spoiler-free for me a bit longer ;)

What's the link to the survey again? I can't find it in-game

Ah, no problem! Here's the link:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)