Last chance to support AQUAMARINE's development! ๐Ÿ“†๐Ÿ‘€

Now that we're four months out from our Kickstarter campaign for Aquamarine, we've finally finished making and shipping the limited-edition rewards for our awesome backers. But there's still a very small handful left over that we want to make sure go to a good home. If you have any interest in supporting the development of our quiet survival adventure, this is the last month to become a Slacker Backer.

We only have two copies left of the 7" vinyl record (up top) featuring exclusive versions of the soundtrack from Aquamarine's pre-alpha demo, written & produced by our composer Thomas Hoey. And there's only one copy remaining of the printed operations manual booklet (above), which also comes with another printed manual for the final game once it's finished.

We also have a few more of the 11x17" art prints (above), which are printed on thick, high-quality card stock and are easily mounted or framed. Each of the physical rewards are hand-numbered collector's items made in a limited edition and will not be re-printed. And for anyone just interested in supporting Aquamarine with a pre-order & digital rewards, we've got plenty of options to choose from.

During this final month, we're donating 25% of all sales to nonprofit racial justice organization Color of Change. So you can help make a difference in the world, support indie game devs, and get some cool collectibles all at once!

Check out what's available here.


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