Linux & Mac demos are back! + Updates

Well, it took a fair amount of testing and lots of trial & error, but we've got some reliably working builds of Aquamarine to run on Mac and Linux. Major thanks to our community on Discord and our Kickstarter backers for helping out with that. And the awesome Reddit testers that helped out, too!

Granted, the Mac and Linux builds still likely won't work on all machines and operating systems, but if you're used to playing un-optimized/pre-alpha indie demos such as ours, you generally should be able to run this game.

In addition to adding those platforms, we've also done a couple of small overall updates. We caught a mistake in the code that locked players out of collecting the tools necessary to start the island garden. We also enabled the option for players to select their own resolution and input scheme when booting up the demo.

That's it for now!


- Team Moebial


Windows (32-bit) 202 MB
Feb 17, 2020
Windows (64-bit) 205 MB
Feb 17, 2020
Linux (64-bit) 216 MB
Feb 17, 2020
Mac (64-bit) 217 MB
Feb 17, 2020

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